Alien West

Platforms: WebPlayer, Android

Release date: somewhere in 2014

Type: GameJam project, later ported to Android. All just for fun

2D one-screen platformer with healthy dose of humor, 8-bit cutscenes and some Creative Commons’ music to spice things up.

When aliens are stealing your beloved cow, you should be prepared to fight back. Find those extra-terrestrial assholes and show ‘em who has biggest cojones in the West.

Sadly, I kinda forget about this game and google deleted it from google play for being non-compliant with some stupid new rule, so, I can’t provide any links, except for some Russian let’s play and this lonely review1.

And yeah, 3rd screenshot’s from WebPlayer version.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3
  1. By the way, thanks, guys, for both review and let’s play