Pilam Sky

Platforms: Steam

Release date: 22 Feb, 2018

Type: commercial release

Charismatic characters with huge cartoonish mustaches in hot air balloons fighting with pirates in the steampunk setting.

Visit all 3 kingdoms on your personal airship, fight pirates in the air and on the ground, prepare your counter-air defense1, manage your hot air balloon and resources, buy new equipment for your airship2, trade with your neighbors and more. You can do it all together with your friend on the same screen with the feature your grandpa call split-screen. Full controller support.

Some humor3 and janky English are included by default.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4
  1. just build some gun towers, ok? 

  2. for instance, you can buy a room with bread-making machine in it and then sell this bread to your neighbor nation 

  3. mostly based on stereotypes, but still humor